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“The Phase One Diet opened my eyes to a new and better way of examining the things that I put into my body, and it gave me some great alternatives to replace my “guilty” cravings.  Within the 30 days, I noticed differences in my digestion, skin, energy, and body shape.  All of these things can be well maintained through proper diet, and I was amazed to experience these transformations first-hand.

Altering my perception and influence of food was quite a challenge, and I couldn’t have done it without Kristin’s expertise and encouragement.  She was incredibly genuine when listening to my needs and helped me devise an effective “menu of attack” that suited my taste buds and schedule.  When I had questions, Kristin had answers or would research to find an answer.  Her passion to help me to achieve my health goals was never ceasing – and because of that- I feel empowered and equipped with the knowledge to make healthier choices from now on.”

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