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B.R. in Shilington, PA

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“I am 64 years old, a self proclaimed junk food junkie. I have dealt with severe depression for many years and was hospitalized twice last year for it. I had high glucose levels, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I would get colds and sinus infections often and constantly feel congested. I felt so miserable I didn’t want to go on with life. After seeing Kristin on “Know the Cause” I decided to give her a call as my last hope. She not only sent me a packet full of life-saving information, but walked along side me so that I could make it a lifestyle. I went from not knowing how to cook to cooking almost all my meals with ease and they tasted so good I didn’t miss my junk food at all! Three months later my depression is completely gone and I have more energy than I have ever had. I feel so good, like a completely new person with a new outlook on life. Kristin is amazing!”

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