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What Are Mycotoxins?

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Myco what!? Mycotoxins are poisonous by-products that are made by fungi. The foods most commonly contaminated with mycotoxins are: grains, corn, peanuts and alcohol. Hmm, I wonder if the rise in “food allergies” could actually be due to the mycotoxins?

These foods get contaminated due to various environmental factors in the field while being grown and/or how they are stored and transported. We’ve all seen the huge grain silos… think about it, the food sits in these silos year round, for who knows how long. It is hot and humid; a perfect environment to grow various types of fungus, such as mold. Before the grains go into our food supply they are, of course, sterilized. BUT, you cannot get rid of the mycotoxins that the fungus has produced. They are all heat-stable and cannot be destroyed during the cooking process. Most of the techniques and treatments currently used in the industry to disinfect contaminated feedstuffs are ineffective and expensive.

U.S. government regulations have mycotoxin levels that are tested for and acceptable (20 parts per billion, whatever that means), but there are thousands of mycotoxins and only a few types are tested. Other countries have much stricter levels that they deem as safe. Not only are grains, corn and peanuts in just about all of our processed foods, but they are fed to the animals that we consume, which includes all of our meat and dairy products… organic or not. Corn infested with 300 parts per billion is fed to chickens and cattle. A level that is much, much higher than 20 parts per billion allowable for us, BUT WE EAT THEM!! Did you know that alcohol producers often use grains that are too contaminated with fungi and mycotoxins to be used for table foods or animal feed? Yuck, if that doesn’t help you stay away from alcohol I don’t know what will!

Here are a few facts, just so you know this isn’t based on my opinion. According to Dr. A.V.Costantini, the former head of The World Health Organization, “Corn is universally intoxicated with fungus (aflatoxin B1) – the most carcinogenic, deadly substance in the world.” A 1993 study demonstrated 24 different types of fungi that colonized inside of peanuts shells after the shells had been sterilized!

And from the Journal of the American Medical Association Jan 02, Dr. Ruth Etzel, PhD, MD, states that grains are “commonly contaminated” with mycotoxins, and corn is “always contaminated” with mycotoxins. There is no safe corn in America.

Mycotoxins alter and damage our DNA and are carcinogenic. Fungus and mycotoxins suppress the immune system leaving the body susceptible to diseases and other health issues such as: allergies, arthritis, digestive issues, asthma, depression, fibromyalgia, heart disease, diabetes, weight issues, skin issues… you name it, the list goes on!

I don’t share this to scare you; I just want you to be aware and educated! It’s impossible to stay away from all fungus and mycotoxins, but limiting our exposure can have a profound effect on you and your loved ones. If you’re having health challenges, then this is a great and inexpensive place to start. This is why I eat how I eat because (like many of you) I went from doctor to doctor without answers. It’s not the doctors’ fault, they just don’t get trained in mycology (the study of fungus). But if you want more information on the fungal link to disease, check out Doug Kaufmann’s site, and get one of his books. It will change the way you view health forever.  All of this info I have shared with you here today I learned from him.

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