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I think one of the most frustrating aspects of trying to eat healthy is all the conflicting info out there about what is good for us and what is not. One day something is healthy, the next day “they” claim it is killing us! One of those controversial foods is beef and dairy. Do you know who funded the study on eggs causing high cholesterol? The cereal industry, wanting people to buy more cereal of course! The study wasn’t even done on real eggs…. they used powdered eggs, and yes, those are bad for us, definitely not a real food! So can you see how skewed reports can become making us believe that something is or isn’t good for us?

This brings me to beef, another food people are wary of…. and rightfully so. I believe that the beef and dairy sold in most grocery stores and restaurants are not real food. The animals are pumped with hormones, antibiotics and fed toxic grains to fatten them up fast. I am a huge animal lover and health aside, this is not ok to me! On the other hand cattle that graze in pastures that are specially grown with grasses that nourish the cow, where they can get exercise and get sunlight and be healthy happy cows (like God intended) produces an entirely different food for us… something that nourishes and heals our body.

I get questions all the time about where to purchase beef and dairy products that are pure and not fed soy and corn (which is usually genetically modified) and pumped with harmful chemicals. My best answer until recently was to always buy organic beef and dairy. Yes, you will get a healthier product, but even if they are grass fed and even sometimes grass finished they are almost ALWAYS supplemented with grains of some sort. So getting truly healthy beef and dairy is extremely hard to come by, which drives me crazy… why should the average American not have access to healthy meat and dairy?



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