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Curried Cabbage with Chicken

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Now hear me out, I have a decadent, chocolaty Valentine’s dessert coming up in a few days, but first we need to eat our veggies… you’ll be blown away by how tasty this is! I’m always looking for ways to add more raw vegetables into my diet… that I actually am excited to eat. In the winter months I usually don’t crave raw vegetables, but the warming effect of these spices make it a satisfying winter salad. This is definitely my favorite way to eat cabbage. This recipe is bursting with flavor… it’s crunchy, salty and tangy with the perfect blend of spices!

I happen to love curry, but if you don’t, seriously give this a try, it actually doesn’t taste much like curry at all! Curry is a blend of potent health promoting spices, like turmeric, cumin, coriander and cinnamon to name a few. I add in a little extra tumeric and cumin to really boost the flavor and nutrition. These spices are loaded with anioxidants, help to boost your immune system and increase your metabolism. It is also very soothing to the digestive tract helping to improve nutrient absorption and calm inflammation. Speaking of inflammation… one of turmeric’s claim to fame is the fact that it helps to alleviate arthritis and joint inflammation. It has also been shown in many studies to “disarm” damaging free radicals to help fight carcinogens.

While tumeric is royalty in the spice world… in the world of vegetables cabbage reigns king. As far as nutritional benefits and cancer-fighting ability the cabbage family is probably one of the most important vegetables in the world!

Ok, so we know cabbage is good for us, but how do we prepare it so it tastes amazing and all of the health promoting properties are kept in tact? When it is overcooked it smells like rotten eggs and when eaten raw it is usually drenched in mayo and sugar (like in coleslaw). This recipe will make you fall in love with cabbage! In this recipe, it really doesn’t have much taste due to the medley of spices and the salty tanginess of the soy sauce and lemon juice…. it’s nice and crunchy, just like lettuce.

One ingredient you might not be familiar with is Seaweed Gomasio, which is optional, but another nutrient-packed ingredient that I highly recommend! Gomasio is a condiment often used in Japanese cuisine made from sesame seeds and salt. Eden Organics makes a gomasio with added seaweed. It doesn’t have a fishy taste at all… it’s just nutty and salty. It’s delicious sprinkled on just about anything savory… veggies, quinoa, salads, soups, etc. Seaweed is ounce for ounce one of the most nutritious foods in the world, providing ALL of the vital minerals to sustain human life. So this is another great ingredient to keep stocked in your pantry. I actually keep mine in the freezer to keep it fresh.

So give this recipe a try, it’s one of my favorites! It even passed the Jen test. Jen is one of my good friends who hates vegetables, and avoids them at all costs. She loves this recipe! It’s even better the next day once all the flavors meld together. This recipe makes a lot, so it is easy to prepare on a Sunday and enjoy throughout the week as a quick healthy lunch.

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Curried Cabbage with Chicken

Those who don’t like cabbage usually love this recipe! It’s bursting with flavor… crunchy, salty and tangy with the perfect blend of spices! This recipe brings nourishing to a whole new level!



  1. Add curry, cumin, turmeric, lemon juice, oil, sesame oil (if using) and tamari in a large bowl and stir until combined.
  2. Add the cabbage, carrots, Gomasio, chicken and coconut flakes to the bowl and toss well until evenly coated.
  3. This will keep about 4 days in an airtight pyrex container in the refrigerator

Quick notes *

Seaweed Gomasio made by Eden Organic is a neutral tasting mixture of sesame seeds, seaweed and sea salt, with no fishy taste. It is a wonderful way to add extra nutrition to veggies, salad or meat or fish.

To make this quick and easy buy pre-shredded carrots or use a food processor to shred all the veggies.

The longer this marinates the better it gets, but it is still fantastic right after you make it.

Different brands of curry can taste very different, so try different brands until you find one you like. I like Frontier Organic Curry Powder.

Variations *

To make this Phase 1 friendly sub out the soy sauce for Coconut Aminos made by Coconut Secret. This is a soy-free soy sauce. It definitely tastes different than soy sauce. It is not as tangy and salty, so you will need to add 1 tsp of sea salt and another lemon to add some tang. My favorite is with the soy sauce, but this version works too. Just season it to your taste, I like mine really salty and tangy!

Substitute cooked chicken breast instead of a rotisserie chicken

To use as a side dish or to make this vegetarian or vegan leave out the chicken.

Number of servings (yield): 6


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