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Best Way to Dice an Onion

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Having the right tools and learning the basics is the secret to quick, easy, healthy meals! Today, I’m going to teach you how to cut an onion and show you my favorite tools!

Below are a few links to the products I used in this video, so you can know what you’re looking for. You can purchase online or check out Bed Bath and Beyond… and don’t forget your 20% off coupon (I get them in the mail all the time, or sign up online on their site to receive them)!

My Favorite Cutting Board

Secret to keep your cutting board from sliding

My Favorite Knife

My Favorite Onion Cutting Gadget – This link is to one I used for years and loved. I just bought another one at Bed Bath and Beyond by Sharper Image (4-in-1 Chop and Slice). It has a larger dice, but it cuts through the onion much easier. Both are great options!

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