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Nutrition Consulting & Food Coaching ($175 email or $215 for a physical packet)

I offer this service for the great low price of $175, instead of charging by the hour.  Clients have amazing success when they are able to ask questions and have an accountability partner to help them make this a lifestyle of permanent change.  This is much more difficult to achieve in a one-hour consultation.  Local and national clients welcome.

Each consultation is tailored for you! Whether you need help with the Phase 1 lifestyle or maybe you’re vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free.  I also can assist with specific conditions you want to focus on, I’m here to help put together a plan that’s right for you regardless of your dietary needs or condition!

  • 1 month one-on-one phone and email support/encouragement
  • Over 50 recipes – creative ways to use the Phase 1 foods that will teach you how to turn Phase 1 into your favorite way to eat!
    • Snack ideas, meals, desserts, and even party foods that support the body in healing and transformation
  • Nutrition handouts that explain
    •  Super foods you might not be familiar with – how to shop, store, and integrate them into your everyday life in a quick & easy way
    • Tips and tricks on how to fit eating healthy into a busy life and stay motivated
    • Supplement recommendations and much more!

Nutrition Consultation

Weight Management, Body Image & Relationship with Food ($175 email or $215 for a physical packet)

I specialize in issues pertaining to weight management, body image, and relationship with food. I hold this area of health close to my heart because I struggled so many years myself with these issues. I take a unique approach by dealing with the physical balance of the body, emotional issues that could be contributing, as well as a look into Christian principles that are key to success. This three-fold approach is powerful and effective, which brings about freedom and transformation to the mind, body, and spirit.

1 month one-on-one phone and email support/encouragement

Grocery Shopping Tours & Meal Planning (contact for pricing)

I will take you grocery shopping and teach you how to navigate the aisles, what to look for , and how to increase your food options to boost excitement to spur you on with your healthy eating goals. You will be amazed how easy it is to buy the right things, and stay within your budget!

Nutrition handouts and recipes included to explain, reinforce, and expand upon what we discuss during the tour.

bag of fresh vegetables

Healthy Cooking Classes (group & private, contact for pricing)

I will teach you basic methods for preparing delicious and nutritious meals for you and your whole family tailored to your specific goals. Learn professional tips and tricks to making healthy cooking a snap!

I do in-home cooking classes for individual families or groups.

Therapeutic Cooking for Conditions (contact for pricing)

Learn how to properly prepare foods to support your health concerns and conditions such as: heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, skin problems, obesity/weight issues, food allergies, Celiac disease, candida, yeast infections, fungus, and many more.

Tailored specifically for your needs, you’ll learn how to cook and prepare foods to nourish and heal the body. Includes handouts and recipes.

Wellness and Nutrition Seminars

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Do you have an event that needs a speaker? I would love to inspire and motivate your group to do something good for their health in a fun and engaging way! I offer seminars, workshops, and cooking classes on healthy eating and natural living. Each event is tailored to give the audience exactly what they need, with simple tips and tricks to take home and put into action!


Visit our online store to make your purchase or contact me for full pricing information!