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Meet Kristin

Eating with Purpose was born out of my own struggles with multiplying health issues and my relationship with food.  I have learned invaluable information over the years to overcome numerous issues, and my passion is to share this info to help as many people as possible. I’ve worked with Doug Kaufmann’s TV show Know the Cause conducting nutrition segments, nationwide phone consultations and writing for the monthly “Know This!” newsletter.  I have also done radio spots on both Kyle Drew’s SuperHealth and Martie Whittekin’s RadioMartie shows.  I absolutely love cooking and creating new and delicious recipes!

I understand that most people know that it is important to eat healthy, but they are often confused and overwhelmed with how to make that a reality in their own lives.  I believe extraordinary health starts in the kitchen and teach people how to make it fun and simple.

Kristin Kons Before and AfterI eat the Phase 1, 2, & 3 Lifestyle year-round, making it a lifestyle for me and my family.  I practice what I preach, so I understand the daily obstacles the average person faces.  I use my own struggles and experiences to help others (instead of just theories and text-book philosophy), making my program realistic and attainable.

I provide the knowledge and tools that clients need to be successful; however, the client is ultimately responsible for their success.  It takes determination and discipline, but transformation and permanent change is achievable.

I am a culinary graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado and I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Retail, & Sports Administration from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.

I know how extremely difficult it is to overcome health and weight issues, but I am living proof that it IS possible!

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