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And I felt even more miserable on the inside – physically and emotionally. My moods were off the wall, up and down.

kristin and hubby after college

After I graduated College I ballooned to almost 200 lbs.


Kristin and husband

Both my husband and I were eating a high processed diet. Our skin was horrible!

I never thought I would be free of my issues with food and weight. I was convinced it was just something I was always going to deal with. I was miserable. My food and weight controlled me in every way. I was consumed and trapped.

I kept a log, named “The 6 Week Challenge” I started this, I think when we bought a home gym or something and the program said, “if you can just stick to the program for 6 weeks it will become a habit“ So I made a little spreadsheet on the computer with my goals and I kept track of my weight, exercise activity, etc. and the only habit that stuck was my CRAZY food and weight roller coaster! So, I have this log that has gone on for almost 7 years now. Every December I would look back on the year hoping it was better than it seemed, only to see how extreme my weight had fluctuated. I would pray that the coming year would be different. I would start devising a new plan to get healthy, lose weight and hope to maintain it so I could get off this senseless roller coaster.

Over the years when I started down the alternative health path I decided to get off all of my medications. The cleanses and detoxes I experimented with did improve my symptoms, but I was still struggling with my eating issues. I had the most success with a Candida cleanse I did. Over the course of this four-month cleanse, my body shape slowly changed (only dropping about 10 pounds) but it looked more like 20! My mood completely changed, with less severe mood swings and less depression, my skin cleared up along with all my other symptoms. This was it! Candida was the cause of all my issues, so I thought… I still found myself overeating, even the foods on this diet. But, my symptoms were improving, so I was hopeful.

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