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I am just an average girl who has dealt with weight and food issues since a child. These issues followed me into adolescence and adulthood. I was a pretty healthy person, so I thought. I dealt with ear aches as a child, and had the occasional sinus infection or flu each season, but as I grew older the sinus infections grew worse, my allergies were year around, I was always tired, was diagnosed with depression- but had nothing to be depressed about – eczema, my weight was impossible to maintain and it was an ongoing battle. I also had menstrual issues that were severe and painful.

I was put on Prozac for my depression, a multitude of prescription and over the counter medication for my allergies, birth-control pills for my menstrual issues (at age 15!), antibiotics for my sinus infections… and the list goes on and on. I didn’t think much about it at the time. It seemed normal and the doctors didn’t seem to bat an eye.

I was always interested in health, probably because I was constantly trying to lose weight and I was involved in a lot of sports. I tried every diet theory out there, various diet pills and even got to an all time low and tried HCG injections at one point! I tried all sorts of fasts, cleanses and detoxes. Most things helped for a time period, but nothing seemed to last. I was on a constant roller coaster.

When I was in my early 20’s I had put on a ton of weight (60-70 lbs, I stopped weighing when I was almost 200 lbs) my eating was obviously out of control, my skin started to break out like I was a teenager, (I never even had a pimple in high school), I was tired all the time and I was dealing with all the above issues. I was so young, how could I look and feel so miserable? I went to every doctor imaginable. Surely, there was something wrong with me! The doctors did test after test and found nothing abnormal. They told me I was perfectly healthy, but I knew better.

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