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Women’s Health & Culinary Retreat

retreat: n. a quiet, private, secure place; a period of reflection and renewal

Come spend a one-of-a-kind weekend in Dallas, Texas with me and other participants in the exquisite Chateau with gorgeous views of the lake as you explore a new foundation for incomparable freedom from self-sabotage and stubborn food or weight issues…and become an aficionado of your own self-transformation.

You will discover and experience what it takes to lead a healthy life for you and your family, through my realistic and hands-on approach.  Guests will not only boost their confidence in the kitchen, but will also learn the true keys to transform the body from the inside out.  With more new foods, tastes, and choices than you ever thought were possible with Phase 1 (or any healthy lifestyle, for that matter) you’ll be amazed at how simple and achievable abundant health really is!

I know you’ll return home revitalized, inspired, and rejuvenated with a new perspective on eating, as well as a transformed relationship with your self and with God.

This all-encompassing wellness weekend uses Doug Kaufmann’s Phase 1 Lifestyle and the fungus link to disease as the backbone to the education I provide.  Not familiar with Doug Kaufmann?  Check out his work at to find out more!

Even if you are not familiar with the Phase 1 Lifestyle, this retreat will equip you to cook:








You will learn to replace the above foods with nutrient-dense super foods that will energize and re-balance the body, as well as gain a healthy relationship with food to get off the “diet roller coaster” that is so devastating and crushing to the mind, body, and spirit.

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