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What Is Phase 1?

Doug Kaufmann is the “brains” behind the Phase 1 lifestyle.  Phase 1 goes back to the basics of eating and preparing real, whole food to help balance and cleanse the body for optimal health.

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Is the Phase 1 Retreat for me?

During the retreat we will go over a brief description of the Phase 1 lifestyle and the fungus link to disease.  Understanding the true cause of what is contributing to your health issues is the key to helping you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Knowing how to prepare healthy foods can be intimidating because you are unsure of what some ingredients are, and you have no idea how to prepare them (and even if you do, how in the world do you get your family to eat it?).  You will gain hands-on experience from me, a Certified Natural Foods Chef, on how to prepare healthy meals and snacks that will fit into your busy schedule as well as nourish and satisfy your family…kids and all!

I don’t like to cook, why all the hands-on cooking?

I believe that extraordinary health starts in the kitchen. You can’t truly eat healthy if you are not preparing your own foods. I keep it simple so you can integrate this essential tool into your life.

I’m not that great of a cook, will I be able to keep up?

Yes, of course you will! Cooks of all skill levels with benefit from the retreat.  This is the perfect opportunity to get professional hands-on experience.  Learning basic cooking skills will allow you to whip up quick, easy meals that are satisfying and healing to the body.

What is the attire?

It is casual and laid back.  Dress comfortably and in layers because you might get hot while cooking.  Feel free to bring your walking shoes and exercise clothes if you want to take a walk or jog to get your blood pumping.

This seems like a big investment, is it worth it?

The Women’s Health & Culinary Retreat is actually very cost-effective, especially compared to the high costs of healing both sicknesses and diseases.

This is the most rewarding vacation you will ever take.  Not only do you get to relax and unwind in first-class accommodations, but you also get to take home a complete package of knowledge and hands-on experience that you will be able to use for the rest of your life (and pass on to your loved ones).  This is a one-of-a-kind retreat that will have a lasting impact on your mind, body, and spirit.

This sounds wonderful, but I am unable to travel or I’m not financially able to do this right now. Are there any other options?

My #1 goal has always been to make this life-changing information available to everyone. In the future, the retreat info will be put into an online coaching program and/or DVDs will be available for a cost-effective option to get the info.

For right now if you are not able to attend, a one-on-one consultation is a great option,

When will you be doing a retreat in my area?

As of right now, due to logistics the retreats are only available in Dallas, TX. But since Dallas has 2 major airports, flying in is convenient and cheap flights are easy to come by!

Can I be treated for ailments at the Phase 1 Retreat?

I make no claims to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.  Those being treated for disease are encouraged to seek their doctor’s supervision and approval before undertaking any dietary changes based on my approach.  This is a nutrition retreat with the focus on how to eat healthy, not on medical conditions.

What time does the Retreat begin on Friday and end on Sunday?

The retreat officially begins at 3:00PM CST on Friday, but you may check-in at noon and relax, get settled, enjoy your free complimentary 30 minute massage, or help yourself to the many provided snacks.  The retreat concludes at noon on Sunday.

Where is the Phase 1 Chateau located?

The Chateau is centrally located just 25 minutes north of Dallas, TX and 20 minutes (northeast) of DFW International Airport.

After your registration is complete, you will receive detailed information (via email) about the retreat along with the Chateau address.

Since I’m flying into town, do I need to rent a car?

No, let us know and we will arrange transportation to and from the airport for you.  No worries about trying to find your way in a new city…it’s all taken care of!

I have been diagnosed with many food allergies and intolerances. Can I still come?

The retreat would be the perfect way to learn how to integrate new foods into your diet.  Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, we will be incorporating so many new foods and ingredients into your diet that you will be amazed at your multitude of choices (while healing and nourishing the body at the same time).

All of the cooking we do at the retreat is wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, yeast-free, corn-free, peanut-free and soy-free.

Please let me know if you have any severe allergies.  We do our best to get the best quality and purest food ingredients we can find, but we can not guarantee it will be safe for people with severe allergies.

Travel Info

The Chateau is centrally located just 25 minutes north of Dallas and 20 minutes northeast of DFW International Airport.
Transportation to and from Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport or Dallas Love Field Airport  is  available upon request.

Once you decide that the Phase 1 Women’s Health & Culinary Retreat is right for you, I will send you a few forms to complete to get a better understanding of your: eating and cooking habits, health issues, and needs.

Reservations are not available at this time.  Sign up to be notified for the next available date in 2012!

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