Eating with Purpose

Real Food. Made Easy!

What Will I Learn?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

If you want to change your health, then you need to change the types of foods you are eating and the ingredients you are cooking with.  Most people are over-scheduled and the thought of experimenting with new ingredients is too overwhelming.  Come to the Phase 1 Women’s Health & Culinary Retreat and try a wide variety of new foods and let me show you how to incorporate them into your diet.  I will take you through the complete process of making healthy eating a reality.

Here are some examples of what you will learn:

Nutrition Education

  • De-mystify and simplify the myths and misconceptions of health
  • Take a life-changing look at today’s health issues with easy solutions that will surprise you!

Making Time for Phase 1 and a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Invest your time in what’s most important to you by scheduling your priorities before you prioritize your schedule

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

  • Grocery shopping tips and what to look for to get the best quality items on a budget
  • Menu planning

How to Stock and Properly Store Food to Maintain Its Nutritional “Punch”

  • How to stock your kitchen pantry to always have quick, easy snacks and meals on-hand

How to Properly Organize Your Kitchen So Cooking is Quick Easy, & Stress-Free

  • Learn what kitchen tools make healthy cooking a snap!

Hands-On Cooking Demos

  • This is one of the missing links for success – my goal is to make healthy cooking easy and enjoyable for the typical, busy everyday woman…regardless of their cooking skill.
  • Gain life skill application – Participants will learn several new recipes and professional tips that will boost their confidence in the kitchen in a small group of like-minded individuals.  The cooking demos will re-enforce what is presented during the health & wellness lectures.  This combination is powerful in helping the participant return home and put their new-found knowledge to use.
  • Work with key nutrient-dense ingredients that will support your immune system, boost your metabolism, and satisfy cravings.
  • I will show you how to make complete, mouth-watering meals as I guide you through step-by-step and discover that making healthier food choices doesn’t mean cutting back on taste!

Learn What the Bible Teaches About Health

  • Explore Christian Biblical principles and learn how to take the focus off of food and put it on God.
  • Learn how to manage your relationship with food, conquering emotional eating, and getting portions under control.

Learn How to Eliminate Sugar Cravings – Yes, it IS possible!

Conscience Eating

  • How to eat so your body can get the maximum benefit from these foods
  • How to decrease portions (without feeling deprived) to support weight loss

Learn About Key Supplements to Balance the Body!

  • Key supplements – with the correct diet – is an unstoppable combo to send your energy into overdrive, eliminate cravings, and re-sculpt the body into the beautiful YOU that God created!

Tips & Tricks for Eating Out

  • Make healthy choices in restaurants and leave with a feeling of satisfaction, not deprivation.

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