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I am so thrilled with this website! I constantly refer to it and the information is so valuable. Love, love, love the recipes and how much I’m getting out of this resource. Just had to comment, as I don’t usually do so, but just to let you know how important this is to people like me! Thank you and God bless you!

R. E. in Colorado Springs, CO

“Kristin, I really want to thank you for all of your help! Thanks to you, I have lost over 20 lbs so far. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes! My legs don’t hurt anymore and I have dropped 2 pants size. My weight loss came from eating healthier, exercising, and using the supplements you suggested. My doctor said I could get off the Nexium Pills due to my weight loss and my healthy eating. I’m so excited… Nexium was costing me $90 for a 3 month’s supply ($1 a pill)! Thanks again for your continued support!!”

T.W. in Dallas, TX

“Now that I know all of the right brands and food to eat and prepare it in an easy fashion I no longer crave sweets, which has always been a huge problem for me! I’m not missing anything, I am totally satisfied. Your program is amazing and has given me a freedom with food that I never thought I would have!”

P.W. in Chicago, IL

“God bless you! You are helping turn my dread into excitement as I plan this lifestyle and diet change!”

J.H. in Smyrna, GA

“I am 64 years old, a self proclaimed junk food junkie. I have dealt with severe depression for many years and was hospitalized twice last year for it. I had high glucose levels, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I would get colds and sinus infections often and constantly feel congested. I felt so miserable I didn’t want to go on with life. After seeing Kristin on “Know the Cause” I decided to give her a call as my last hope. She not only sent me a packet full of life-saving information, but walked along side me so that I could make it a lifestyle. I went from not knowing how to cook to cooking almost all my meals with ease and they tasted so good I didn’t miss my junk food at all! Three months later my depression is completely gone and I have more energy than I have ever had. I feel so good, like a completely new person with a new outlook on life. Kristin is amazing!”

B.R. in Shilington, PA

“The Phase One Diet opened my eyes to a new and better way of examining the things that I put into my body, and it gave me some great alternatives to replace my “guilty” cravings.  Within the 30 days, I noticed differences in my digestion, skin, energy, and body shape.  All of these things can be well maintained through proper diet, and I was amazed to experience these transformations first-hand.

Altering my perception and influence of food was quite a challenge, and I couldn’t have done it without Kristin’s expertise and encouragement.  She was incredibly genuine when listening to my needs and helped me devise an effective “menu of attack” that suited my taste buds and schedule.  When I had questions, Kristin had answers or would research to find an answer.  Her passion to help me to achieve my health goals was never ceasing – and because of that- I feel empowered and equipped with the knowledge to make healthier choices from now on.”

S.B. in Centerton, AR