Eating with Purpose

Real Food. Made Easy!


“Kristin has been a solid rock for me during this last year while I have cared for my 95 year-old mother.  Her compassion and deep grounded sincerity is palatable, even when we haven’t talked for awhile.  Her advice is simple and to the point – easy to follow and she validated the things I am doing right (that is huge for me now).  A big plus in my experience with Kristin is that she knows her limitations and doesn’t play “savior” or “know-it-all”.

In a time when very few people have understood and supported what I am doing with my mother’s diet, Kristin understands and validates it.  Talking to her is my safe haven because I don’t have to struggle to explain something the general population and medical industry either shuts out, ignores, or are just ignorant about.  Kristin’s heart and strength (when I have been depleted) has given me a safe place to cry, let go, and regain strength to carry on.

If my mom owes her continued long life to me for throwing out most of the food in her house when I arrived over a year ago, then she also owes her life to Kristin, who kept me going and supported my Knowing the Cause!  There isn’t thanks great enough but my tears as I write this to express my gratitude.”

N.Y. in Palms, CA

“Thanks Kristin!  It was great to meet you and we learned so much!  My 12 year old son thought you were really nice and he talked a lot about what he learned…I think you really reached him, which is not an easy task.  He came home from school today and started reading labels!  We also started taking the vitamins and supplements you suggested.  Thanks again for your help!  You changed our lives forever!”

J.P. in Cincinnati, OH

“I reluctantly started Phase 1 with my wife, and agreed to go along with it for two weeks.  After two weeks, we felt good, so we kept going.  We were completely satisfied with the food on Phase 1, so we continued on that path almost exclusively for 4 months.  Over that time, I lost 30 pounds, had tons of energy, and never went hungry.  I felt amazing!”

M.G. in Rogers, AR

“I have been on Doug’s Phase 1 Diet that you recommended and have lost 10 pounds in the first week and my skin is clearing up amazingly!  Thanks”

D.F. Fort Worth, TX

“My thumbnails have been bumpy and would split since I was a child…it was both embarrassing and painful to the touch.  But once I did the Phase 1 Diet and followed Kristin’s advice on anti-fungal supplements (both oral and topical), my nails have cleared up for the first time ever!  I have lived with this problem for over 25 years and I am so happy to have nice looking nails!  Thank you!!!!!!!”  (See before and after pics below)

B.K. in Dallas, TX

“I have never felt as good as I did while doing the Phase 1 Diet.  I started the diet to cleanse my body and to get rid of my reoccurring urinary tract infections.  I was having to take antibiotics every night to keep the UTI’s away, but completely stopped when I started Phase 1.  I didn’t have any issues keeping them away while I was following the guidelines of the diet.

Also, within a few weeks of the diet, I saw my body changing in ways that blew me away.  I had done so much damage to my body throughout the years (and without even knowing) by taking medications and eating things I shouldn’t have.  I experienced drastic changes in how I felt, and I am so thankful for the way that Kristin empowered me to take control of MY food and not be controlled by what is readily available in restaurants and grocery stores.  She taught me ways to make this lifestyle work for me.

I loved the support that Kristin provided and the wonderful recipes that she shared with me.  She made the transition to this new lifestyle a breeze!  She is so knowledgeable in her field, and I have never worked with anyone more helpful.  She truly cares about her clients and wants to see them succeed.  She provides the tools, recipes, and support to make sure that happens!”


L.G. in Rogers, AR