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What is EWP?

Kristin Kons with an appleEating with Purpose (EWP) is not just about the food we eat.

I believe extraordinary health is three fold: Body, Soul and Spirit. My core philosophy is: to turn your health concerns and fears over to Christ (Spirit) coupled with a positive mental perspective and knowledge of the will and emotions (Soul) of how to incorporate the right foods into your lifestyle (Body) in a delicious, easy and convenient way. To me being healthy is about being balanced, not rigid perfection.

For so many people today, food is a source of conflict and confusion rather than a source of nourishment.  Eating right doesn’t have to be difficult… in fact, it shouldn’t! I understand that most people know that it is important to eat healthy, but they are often confused and overwhelmed with how to make that a reality in their own lives.

Here at EWP you will find recipes based on a real foods diet FREE of:




Refined sugars – sugar-free or very low sugar recipes



Soy – very limited

Dairy – very limited, mostly yogurt and butter

Processed foods

… with the emphasis on balancing the body of parasitic yeasts and fungi. Yuck, I know, but this is the key to breaking those sugar addictions, getting off of that diet roller coaster and having freedom from your health issues… no matter what they might be; weight problems, digestive issues, depression, fatigue, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, cancer, etc… the list goes on and on.

While I don’t believe in diets per say, sadly enough many of us and our families are dealing with health issues, so we first need to get things back into balance by eliminating certain foods from the diet. Then we can build upon those foods and settle into a healthy way of eating. For me, the starting point was Doug Kaufmann’s Phase 1 Lifestyle. What is the Phase 1 Lifestyle?

The Phase 1 Lifestyle is the foundation to how I eat. After committing to Phase 1 exclusively for a period of time to balance and cleanse my body, I expanded to a wider variety of whole-real foods and listen to my body and what it needs (You’re able to do this with ease once you cleanse and balance the body). So here at EWP, you will hear me refer to recipes or various foods as Phase 1 or Phase 2 friendly.

This blog is a place to find information on foods you might not be familiar with and how to incorporate them into your diet. I believe that eating healthy is not just about taking everything OUT of the diet, but instead adding IN nutrient dense foods that are satisfying and delicious so that you LOVE the food you are eating!

My intent is to help you take a BIG breath and not stress over food. I want to make it easy and fun, so you can view food as nourishment… not as a monumental chore or “another program” you once tried. I’ve come full circle with my eating, as you will read in my health testimonial. I’m not perfect with my eating and I don’t try to be. I love to eat healthy most of the time, but I will have an occasional treat without an ounce of guilt. I no longer let food define or dictate who I am and how I feel about myself. I eat to nourish my body, so I feel great and can concentrate on the things that matter most!

Thank you for visiting Eating with Purpose. I’m thrilled to get to know you through this blog as we all work together to spread the knowledge about what true health really is… Real Life, Real Health, Real Food… Made Easy!!

“Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be food.” –Hippocrates

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